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Customer Support January 24, 2013 Getting Started

Our email archiving platform is now available and also integrated with our social media archiving and surveillance solution. You can download our fact sheet or watch this demonstration video to learn more.

Customer Support December 19, 2012 Getting Started

Customer Support December 19, 2012 Getting Started

Customer Support May 23, 2012 Tips & Tricks

Google alerts allow you to monitor keywords, phrases, company names, individual names and other items on an ongoing basis. When content is discovered by Google that includes your search items - they are sent to the Feed you create below. These are available in Arkovi on the RSS dashboard and also as Excel spreadsheets with the time, date, title, description and link to the content.

You will need a Google account (free) to manage Google Alerts.

Adding Google Alerts to Arkovi takes two easy steps. First go to your Google Alerts page - and you will see what is shown below in the screenshot. Insure the last choice on your new alert is set to Deliver to Feed.



When you click create alert you will see the following page. Right-click on the orange RSS feed icon (see screenshot below) and select copy link (some browsers may show copy link address). This will be pasted into Arkovi under Account Settings.



Once you have copied the link address - you can go to Arkovi and choose Account Settings (see screenshot below)



Once in Account Settings - scroll down to the RSS section, paste the feed link (right-click and select Paste) into the Add RSS Feed box. You are done and all alerts going forward (and the last 10-15 alerts) will begin aggregating in Arkovi.


Customer Support May 05, 2012 Getting Started

Our latest integration is with YouTube - the first step in a number of Google integrations you will see at Arkovi. Adding a YouTube account you manage is a one-click process.

There are two features the integration initially provides:

  1. The ability to upload videos to be published on YouTube into Arkovi - and publish the video to YouTube from Arkovi. We archive the original video and can also route the video through compliance moderation.
  2. If you have existing videos on YouTube - those will also appear in Arkovi under your YouTube Dashboard. These past videos are monitored but not archived based on Google's Terms of Service. However any new videos you publish to YouTube from Arkovi will be both archived and monitored.
To add your YouTube account - along the top red menu bar in Arkovi - choose Account and Account Settings. On the Account Settings page you will see a new option to add your YouTube account.

Once you see your YouTube account listed - remember to click on Authenticate with YouTube to complete the process. You will see a page like the one below. Be sure your are logged in to the correct Google account when adding your YouTube account.

Once you select Grant Access - you will be redirected back to Arkovi.